"Join us in laughter, be the epitome of good health, find direction and purpose in your life! "

We are ‘æküm’ , an Integrated Healthcare Practice Center, where we determine your Physical, Emotional and Psychological health status and provide you with complementary and alternative healing solutions using scientific instruments and natural remedies under one roof.

Our Non Invasive, Scientific approach uses a combination of Quantum Physics & Bio Resonance to provide you with a detailed report & visuals of your current & future wellbeing possibilities, at our serene facility. These devices, Body Organ & Systems Study [BOSS] & Bio-energy and Chakra Imaging are popular across Europe, Americas and Australia due to their ease of use and proven effectiveness, and have now been introduced in India by æküm.

Our Alternative healing approach uses a combination of Theta, Chakra Healing and Bach flower remedies to address any crises or challenges that are hindering your personal or professional well-being and growth.

Finding Balance
at æküm

    Wellbeing involves the ‘whole’ of you. Any imbalance in your energy system may manifest itself in multiple emotional, physical or psychological forms. To name a few:
  • Finding it difficult to manage Life or Career?
  • A care giver under a lot of stress?
  • Struggling with Anger, Stress and Disenchantment?
  • Surrounded by people and yet feel alone!
  • Being walked over too often & really want to hold your ground…
  • Suffer from gloom, depression, constant anxiety or discontentment?
  • Fear while taking decisions or panic thinking of the future!
  • Not being heard or often misunderstood?
  • A victim of Physical Emotional or Mental abuse
  • Holistic Healing @ æküm is about being able to identify and rectify the ‘root cause’ of the disturbed or disoriented states so that you can be the ‘Joyful’ version of yourself again! We believe ‘No disease is permanent’

Integrated Health care
@ æküm practices


BACE | Bioenergy & Chakra Imaging –
Provides Real-time, scientific, non-invasive scanning of the energy field and chakras to determine imbalance in the body functions.
- To see ‘your’ Energy & Auric Field study in 15 minutes
- To understand your health by viewing your Energy Field /Aura balance status
- Receive a report with in-depth analysis of your Energy Map

BOSS | Body Organ and Systems Study –
Provides a Real-time, Scientific, non-invasive diagnosis of the entire body to illustrate any malfunction or prevalence of toxins in the organs and body systems.
-To view your body’s, systems’ and organs’ health status as you get scanned in one hour
- To understand in simple and comprehensible language and visuals as to what condition your body is in
- Receive a report with in-depth analysis of your Body and organs Systems


BFR | Bach Flower Remedies –

Provides healing from any emotional or psychological burden
- To understand that you can be in charge of your emotional self
- To be able to remove challenges such as aggression, uncertainty, low self esteem ……
- To be able to learn how to use the remedies for yourself and others

CLT | Crystal Light Therapy –

Provides chakra healing to restore and revive balance in the human body
-To be a recipient of a Crystal Bath for your Chakras
-To experience the only instrument that has a scientific base and a spiritual orientation and intent
-To feel and be healed through the powerful Universal Energy channeled through The Crystal Bed



Provides navigation and coaching in life and career paths
-Navigate through the myriad experiences that life throws at you
-To get clarity & focus about your Life path or Career
-To be heard so that you can reorient yourself without being judged


- A platform to share skills and impart knowledge and expertise with others
- A place where we train on Healing [Bach Flowers etc.] Modalities & hold Seminars for those who have a passion and quest for learning
- A platform that can be used to turn your skill into a Training Program and share with others to benefit from

" Individuals have a responsibility towards their own health. At æküm all are encouraged to actively partake in their journey towards holistic healing and wellness, with support from us at every step "


BIO ENERGY AND CHAKRA IMAGING is a revolutionary, non-intrusive way to measure the human energy field using a specialized camera and software system .

"Health is life energy in abundance." ~ Julia H. Sun
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Bach Flower Remedies

Bach flower remedies are made from flowers that have unique healing properties. These remedies correlate with emotional and personality traits, thereby, when prescribed, have a balancing effect by removing any negative aspect.

"Rather than being your Thoughts & Emotions be the awareness behind them." ~ Eckhart Tolle
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This revolutionary, scientific Instrument based on latest research in energy medicine, studies the body at a micro and macro level – from your cells and tissue to the larger organs and systems . "Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live." ~ Jim Rohn
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The Crystal Light Therapy is a chakra healing medium which uses crystals, frequency and light to cleanse and balance the energy on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also matter of opportunity." ~ Hippocrates
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Phoenix @ æküm is a Navigational Force, which, enables and empowers you to establish and accomplish your personal and professional goals.

"Your destiny is to be bright & happy - don't change it." ~ Latika Narang
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Is where creative, logical and scientific minds meet, evolve and share their knowledge and skills with each other. “Don’t worry about confidence – we have your back. Just bring your desire to ‘do something’. “
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