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Emotional balance is the key to well being. Bach Remedies subtlety connect you to your balanced self & helps you manage your life with ease and get back to your real self…

Dr. Bach a surgeon, a bacteriologist, pathologist , also known as the the second Hahnemann in homeopathic circles, left his lucrative and comfortable practice in modern medicine, to look for a healing system that could help humanity avoid suffering through disease.
The system of remedies that he discovered is made from flowers. these remedies are mapped with personality types and emotional states of individuals.

"This system of healing shows that is our fears, our cares, our anixeties and such like that open the path to the invasion of illness. Thus by treating our fears, our cares, our worries, and so on, we not only free ourselves from our illness, but the Herbs given on to us by the grace of the Creator of all, in addition take away our fears and worries and leave us happier and better in ourselves." ~ Dr. Edward Bach

About the Flower Remedies e?

These remedies as the name denotes are made from flowers that are kept in water and sunlight for a few hours.
Dr Bach identified 38 remedies and each one is associated with a different basic human emotion. Some of the emotional states that the Flower remedies address are feelings of doom, despair, all kinds of fears such as that of darkness, dogs, public speaking, fear of failure or simply unknown fearful states, anxiety, confused, lack of direction, lack of energy, simple lack of confidence or feelings of guilt … .
These are given singularly or as combinations to deal with the complexities of the emotional states that someone may face. .

Why Take Flower Remedies?

As rust that erodes the iron making it weak, negative emotions over a long period of time erode or damage the mind, body. This constant dis-tress of the being can be avoided and many people are aware that it is healthier to keep a positive emotional outlook. However, it is not easy to do so and is a constant battle.

Bach Flower remedies make it really easy while they gently calm and balance the mind & being which relieves the body of stress, pushing away dis-ease.

“The earth laughs in flowers” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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