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" Be the Phoenix, use the ashes to be reborn” ~ Latika

Mentoring is not a new concept. early education was based on mentoring; be it from the guru at the Gurukool or grandparents or just good ol’ mom and dad.Similarly coaching was also an integral part of corporate till managing numbers at the month end took over.

Learning to manage life has become incidental as opposed to a the main focus of one generation passing it to the next. Today we yo-yo between being victims or bullies, being hurt & hurting others, rejecting or being rejected, clarity & confusion, introvert & extrovert, loosing trust & gaining trust …. endless fluctuations of ’being’ ‘something’.

About Being a Phoenix

To get back on a level playing field, even Sachin & Messi will need a coach. a coach who has no agenda but to make you win!!
At æküm we offer mentorship & coaching based on your challenges & insist on a charter with a way forward
Its different because we combine mentoring with the alternative & scientific so that you get the boost to be what you want to be and do what you want to do.

Why Get a Phoenix Session?

  • Struggling with relationships?
  • Cannot figure out what to do in life?
  • Have a history of being abused?
  • Have a tendency to abuse & then feel bad?
  • Stuck in the past?
  • Don’t know how to stand up to people? can’t say ‘no’
  • you are mischievous, happy &nobody understands it’s fun to just laugh.
  • low morale & drive or just depressed or perma-anxious?
  • lack of self respect?
  • trouble managing interpersonal skills?
  • fear of failure or just driven by fear itself?
  • procrastination is your second name?
  • something is wrong but can’t seem to figure it out?

How does it work?

12 Sessions over six months of one hour each. First session is for two hours After the 1st two-three sessions, a goal based plan is agreed upon The sessions may be only mentoring or a mix of healing, remedies along with coaching.

We Honor Confidentiality

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