B.O.S | Body Organ Scan

Scientific Healing Instrument that scans ALL your body organs in one sitting with 94% accuracy.

"The mind is a powerful instrument. Every thought, every emotion that you create changes the very chemistry of your body" ~ Sadhguru.

At 96% proven accuracy, an entire body check is possible with one machine & no blood drawn. It scans the health status of most of your body organs, liver, pancreas etc. in one session with detailed information.

Pre disease diagnosis & organ diagnosis comes at a great cost. At æküm we believe in scientific devices based on principles of “bio resonance”, purposed to evaluate through frequency & wave tissue conduction analysis that assess your full body, mind & stress condition in one sitting. 

ABOUT THE Body Organ Scan

The B.O.S measures bioelectric parameters within the human electromagnetic field via separate receptor types. It is both diagnostic and at the same time provides solutions to numerous challenges that the body is struggling with.
This device provides a detailed report of the status of your health organs, highlighting the toxins & bacteria present. It also provides a report of the state of each organ and the systems that are most prone to weakness. In addition to the above, it does predictive analysis of one’s health up to five years from the time of diagnosis. B.O.S is also aligned with the blood type and provides diet recommendations This device is based on on the latest research in energy medicine. It has shown that cells, tissues and organs are structures that possess very exact bio-electrical characteristics which can drastically change in presence of pathological processes.
It has no side effects and is completely safe.

Why Get a B.O.S Done?

Historically we were tuned in to our health with our grandmothers & medical practioners prescribing us remedies for day to day health problems & we have become completely dependent on doctors and hospitals to chart our health life. B.O.S allows you to educate yourself about your health and well being and take charge.
If your medical tests say you are *healthy, but internally you don’t feel so good, this scan helps ascertain and narrow down areas that need attention.​
Albeit if you are not feeling too good and want to figure it out B.O.S is a good alternative.

How is B.O.S administered?

Preparation: All metal objects must be removed and food should have been taken at least two hours prior to the scan.
Steps: At the onset, the individual is asked for vital statistics, in addition to any ailments they may have (diagnosed or otherwise). This is followed by placing an individual’s hands on a magnetic board and placing a pair of headphones on the ears to be able to run the scan.
Process: The process is then initiated. The screen in front then gives Real time data, indicative of levels of toxins present in each part of body, ranging from organ, tissue, blood make up to chromosome build.
This may last anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes, depending on the individual’s body health status.

Body Organ Scan* is an alternative healing device & in no way replaces the current hospital diagnostic machines. It is complementary in nature.

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