" Happiness is the highest form of health " - Dalai Lama


Our body has an electromagnetic force that envelopes it, also referred to as the Aura Bio Energy System. This field provides energy to our organs, glands, cells and systems of the body.

The Aura Bio Energy Scan is referred to as the BACE device at æküm. It studies your auric and chakra fields and provides a snapshot of any imbalances. If a person is unhealthy, this snapshot would depict the energy field to be depleted.

Each scan returns a wealth of meaningful information to provide you with a truly holistic view of the state of your well-being.

" Diagnosis is not the end, but the beginning of practice. " - Martin H. Fischer

WHAT Does it Do?

Based on GDV Science, this Camera device conducts a swift Aura or Bio Energy Scan, providing you with an Image of your Chakras along with your health and energy status within ten minutes.

In this revolutionary scan, high intensity electrical field stimulates emission of photons and electrons from the human skin; powerful imaging technology captures photon emissions given off by each finger.

WHY Get a Bio-Energy Scan:

Anyone who is looking
- To measure & view your Energy Field | Auric Field
- To measure & view your Organs and Systems Health Status
- To measure & view your Emotional Pressure | Stress level
- To gauge the energy, aura and chakra balance in the body

" When you see someone's aura, it is an outer reflection of the subtle physical body. It is about the same shape as the physical body, although it can become thousands of things. " - Frederick Lenz

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