Is opening chakras real and what are their benefits


Is opening chakras real and what are their benefits

Chakras are real, -  an analogy to help understand that is - as real as the wind that blows on the planet, you don’t always see it but can feel it. Chakras are not the wind but real ‘Energy’. Some, Energy healers can and do healing by feeling or sensing or seeing the Energy around the Chakra healing

Terminology can be confusing at times. The term Chakra literally means a ‘wheel’ of which a basic characteristic is to be in motion. So I would prefer to use the term ‘in balance or out of balance’ instead of open or closed. So what is balanced and not balanced Chakras?
Often, as in a normal wheel, something can get stuck to it and the rotation can become slow or fast as compared to its optimal speed - it is then, off balance. 
Alignment or lack of alignment against the vertical axis of the spine is also required for the main seven Chakras to stay in balance. If they go too much to the right or left, then the Chakra Healing will not be in balance again.
So essentially, a balanced Chakra means it should be perfectly aligned along the spine and rotating at the optimal speed for that particular Chakra. 

The benefit of Balanced Chakras would an overall emotional stability & enhanced intuitiveness. It will dispel any blocks coming your way, mostly because of your positive state you would walk right past them and perhaps not even notice it.
It would maximize feelings of being secure, loved, communicating well with others, loving oneself and being connect to self, others and spiritually! Additionally, you be rewarded with the attributes of each individual Chakra healing .

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