Theta Healing and its benefits

Created by or given toViannaStibal, Theta Healing is a wonderful healing modality. During a Theta Healing crystals c...


Can Hypnosis help to go into deeper meditation?

Everyone is made different, even siblings with the same genetic combination. Some people heal easy while others take their time. Some of the reasons that would take time are as follows:


What is the actual experience when you open root chakra?

Terminology can be confusing at times. The term Chakra literally means a ‘wheel’ of which a basic characteristic is to be in motion. So I would prefer to use the term ‘in balan...


Is opening chakras real and what are their benefits

Chakras are real, -  an analogy to help understand that is - as real as the wind that blows on the planet, you don’t always see it but can feel it. Chakras are not the wind but real &...

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