What is the actual experience when you open root chakra?

Terminology can be confusing at times. The term Chakra literally means a ‘wheel’ of which a basic characteristic is to be in motion. So I would prefer to use the term ‘in balan...


Is opening chakras real and what are their benefits

Chakras are real, -  an analogy to help understand that is - as real as the wind that blows on the planet, you don’t always see it but can feel it. Chakras are not the wind but real &...


How do Bach flower remedies work?

All Bach flowers remedies except one, are made from flowers. The remedy is made by keeping the flowers in water and then p...


Can I attract inner peace and money with chakra healing & kundalini awakening?

Chakras are energy centres in the human body & the free flow of Energy is imperative for our wellbeing. They are extremely sensitive and their state changes as per our mental & emotion w...


Bach Flower Remedies - Remedies for Everyone

Bach Flowers Remedies are named after the Good Doctor Dr. Edward Bach who discovered and gifted the planet with this new and delicate syste...

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