Bach Flower Remedies - Remedies for Everyone

Bach Flowers Remedies are named after the Good Doctor Dr. Edward Bach who discovered and gifted the planet with this new and delicate syste...


Bach Flower Remedies - Healing with Flowers

HHealing with flowers is not a newfangled idea, the ancient Egyptians and Romans used flowering plants for medicinal purposes. In India, it has been used continuously across centuries to thi...


Chakra Healing: Balancing Your Energy Body

Chakra Healing: Balancing Your Energy Body Everything in our universe is glowing with energy, from the biggest mountain or ocean, to ...


Chakra Healing Crystal Light Bed - A Powerful Chakra Healing Therapy

"Chakra Healing Crystal Light Bed is a powerful chakra heal...


A beginners guide to healing crystals

Created over the epochs, healing crystals harness the life-giving elements of the earth and the universe. Harnessing...

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