BOSS | Body Organ & System Study

" The First and the most important step in treating any condition is a proper Diagnosis " ~ Dr Thomas Chaney

Imagine an instrument with breakthrough technology that allows you to diagnose any disease within one hour, with no interference with or intrusion into your body! Referred to as ‘BOSS’, the Body Organ & system study is now in India, only at æküm.

It has no side effects and is completely safe.

ABOUT BOSS : Body Organ & System Study

What does it do?

This revolutionary, scientific Instrument based on latest research in energy medicine, studies the body at a micro and macro level – from your cells and tissue to the larger organs and systems. It allows you to:

  • Determine the weakest system in the body
  • Identify the organ/s that need/s attention
  • Establish and identify the presence and activity of micro-organisms
  • Highlight and classify sensitivity to contaminants, allergens and toxins
  • Assess the Impact of recommended remedies (from any healthcare discipline) on your system or Organ/s

The Body Organ & System Study * is a Diagnostic Device & in no way replaces other Diagnostic Machines

Why should you Get a BOSS ?

  • Not feeling well, but can’t figure out what’s wrong?
    • BOSS identifies the system| organ where any health problem lies
    • It determines the root cause of any ailment
  • Medical tests say you are okay, but not feeling too good?
    • It examines the full body with maximum precision
    • Identifies the disease at a nascent stage
    • Detects dangerous allergens and toxins in the body
  • Want to take complete charge of your health?
    • BOSS visually depicts diseases of organs and detects its possible causes in real time
    • Provides holistic and detailed insight into the full body in one sitting
    • Performs a multi-factor analysis of the systemic and organ homeostatis

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