A space where healers, seekers, logical & scientific minds meet, evolve and share their knowledge and skills with each other as well as share with students. .

About Sensei Space

We want to bring back the skills that were a part of growing up and are being lost, i.e. embroidery, stitching, knitting etc..
​ We want to add workshops on new skill requirements for efficient life management such as, accounting, investing, legal basics, internet of all stuff, relationship management, conflict resolution, world etiquette etc.
​ We want to translate google information to knowledge with experts whose experience will make the difference to understanding of geology, history, art, music, dance …

WHY Sensei for the Talented?

Starting something is sometimes not easy. We believe that as a race we ae designed to help others. In case you have been thinking about doing something with your time, talent, knowledge or skill … walk across to Sense.
At Sensei we have a resources that can help you identify a talent or assist to structure a known talent so that you may share it as well as earn from it or simply put it together for charitable institutions.

Power yourself !

How does it work?

Possibility 1*: You already have a plan, a training or workshop structure. In that case you are ready. Book your Sensei Space and start your sessions or classes​
Possibility 2*: You have a skill, however, have no clue how to create a workshop or program. At æküm we can assist you to create an interactive design that you can execute 

*You may leverage the æküm digital marketing channels.

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